Will Comments About Blacks And The Ukraine Scandal Hurt Biden's Chances Of Winning 2020 Election.
Maurice S.
Sat May 23 2020
Biden has been leading in the polls recently, but we know polls can be off base (especially in 2016). The election is 2020 could be a landslide for Biden or it could be a repeat of 2016. News has surfaced in the past few days. One being of a comment on the Breakfast Club and another being audio from when Biden was VP. On the Breakfast Club Biden said and I quote. “You ain't black” if you don’t vote for him. The video of the full audio will be at the end, so go check it out. Since Biden is leading with black voters it is hard to say whether or not his comments will be taken in jest or if they will be taken as a direct attack to the black community. Biden has made an apology for his comments, stating. “I should not have been so cavalier," he said, while adding "I've never, never, ever taken the African American community for granted.” Only time will tell how much impact his comments have on black voters. Now onto the more juicy bits. The Ukraine Phone call that Biden made with the previous President of Ukraine. Here is what Biden said in the phone call. “Tell me there is a new government and a new prosecutor general.” He said, while adding.“ I am prepared to do a public signing of the commitment for the billion dollars.” This is clearly a form of quid pro quo. Some are even linking this to Biden's business with Son’s connection to the company Burisma, which is in Ukraine; at this point I am not sure of the validity of such a claim. Nonetheless this is shocking news, especially after the partisan debacle of the democratic party trying to impeachment Donald Trump. The house Democrats fought tooth and nail to get Trump out of office. The question now is will the same people turn on Biden? These two pieces of news could spell doom to Biden or it could not change anything and lead to Biden's victory in 2020. I am excited to find out and I hope you are too.
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