#TeamTrees Reaches $20 Million in donations
#TeamTrees, Organized by popular YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober, has finally hit its goal of $20
daniel r
Mon Dec 30 2019
TeamTrees Website, clear

#TeamTrees, organized by popular American YouTubers MrBeast, and Mark Rober, recently hit $20 Million in  the biggest Internet collaboration to date. For every one dollar donated, one tree would be planted by the Arbor Day Foundation. A plethora of celebrities including Elon Musk with his $1 Million donation, and Felix Kjellberg with his $69,420 donation, donated to the cause for Trees.

This year, various tragic events across the globe caused trees to either burn down or otherwise be destroyed. The 20 Million Trees planted by the Arbor Day foundation will hopefully set the bar for future projects from said organizers. MrBeast, in a recent video said that he wants to set a global project, similar to that of Team Trees, every year. The Internet is curious of what is to come.

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