Trump “impeachment” is meaningless
Maurice S.
Tue Dec 17 2019

The House Of Representatives is gearing up to “impeach” president Trump, with a full House vote. The vote should take place on wednesday or thursday of this week. The problem is the media and how the media blows things out of proportion. The media will say words, such as this impeachment is a historical event or history in the making. The thing is, impeachment is not a historical thing anymore and is becoming more common in the modern world, with people such as Nixon and Clinton, being before him. To be Frank one could argue this shows the corrupt nature of the mainstream media, how they favor the Democrats and how the Democratic Party uses the constitution for political gain, and making this a partisan issue instead of a bipartisan issue, but I digress and move to the point of why is Impeachment meaningless?  Here are the two main reasons Impeachment is meaningless.

First reason being the fact that impeachment means nothing without the senate, it is a meaningless formallity, which is now mainly used for political reasons, rather than a noble reason, like securing the security of our country and keeping it stable. Impeachment does not mean removal from office it only means to charge the president of a crime, and to send said charges to the Senate for a trial, so they may determine if wrongdoing has actually happened and, if it is something worth removing the president for.   

Secondly no president in the history of America has been impeached, while being convicted in the Senate and removed from office. We have no system for removing a president, who would do it? Would it be the military? What happens, if the military sides with the commander in chief. I would assume that the military would follow the president, but I also recognize a lot of Military soldiers support the president. We must look at the ramifications of how this will not only play out in reality, but we must also look at how it makes our country look to the rest of the world. 

In conclusion, the American people, should be critical when they hear the word impeachment, because it might not be what they think it is and how it could be the undoing of our country as a whole, but when the time does come where we actually have to impeach and convict the president. We need to have a system for how to execute an order, like impeachment. 

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