As Trump signs Pro-Democracy Bill, Hong Kong rallies on Thankgiving Day
President Donald J Trump of the United States of America signs 2 major bills that would help Hong Kong Protesters in their battle for Freedom, but it angers China
daniel r
Thu Nov 28 2019
Hong Kong Protesters Celebrate the signing of 2 bills that would help their fight for freedom

On Thursday, after President Trump signed the "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019", Hong Kong protesters rally, as a thank you to the United States for supporting Hong Kong's battle for freedom. This new bill, according to npr, "allows the United States to level sanctions on individuals who carry out human rights violations in Hong Kong"

But this new Pro-Democracy bill wasn't the only bill signed by President Trump this week, he also signed a bill that would ban things like, tear gas, pepper spray, among other riot/protest management technology from being sold to Chinese authorities.

Both of these bills garnered strong bipartisan, support in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, which could not be vetoed. Representatives from both parties are worried China could strike back with military force, or implement national security measures, which could harm both the United States, and/or the Hong Kong Protesters.

Critics of the Act say that it does nothing to stop China from using Military Force to stop the protests, and that it doesn't punish the Chinese Government enough to stop them for now.

After both these bills passed congress, and Trump signed them, China condemned the actions performed by the United States. The Foreign Ministry of China, even said they would counter the United States, in some way, without saying exactly what they would do.

The Foreign Ministry of China said "This Act will only further expose the malicious and hegemonic nature of US intentions to the Chinese people.", in this statement. The U.S. ambassador will be in China very soon, as a result of the Vice Foreign Ministry Leader of China, Zheng Zeguang, summoning the Ambassador, to speak on these new deals, and bills.

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