Joker Movie - A Review
Maurice S.
Wed Oct 30 2019

JOKER just hit the box office on october 4, 2019 and it has already cracked massive box office records. It made more money than Venom, grossing over 94M dollars. The critic reviews have also come in, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 69% meanwhile the audience gave it a 90% in classic critic fashion they fail to accurately review a film. The IMDB gave it a 9/10, which is much more on par with my personal views on the film. The Metacritic gave the film a 59%, which is about the same as Rotten Tomatoes. These come from respectable sites, so I have nothing against their critiques of the movie even if they do go contrary to my (and the public;'s) views on the film. Here are my exact thoughts on the experience but take what I say with a grain (or maybe a fistful) of salt, because I am not a professional reviewer.

When I first saw the trailer for the joker I didn't know how to feel, it intrigued me, but nothing really past that. I myself am not that big a fan of the Joker as a character, but when I left the theater I was shocked and stunned. Everything about the movie screamed perfection, from the cast, and the acting and not to mention that the camera work was just top notch. To me this was not a movie, if anything it was a work of art. So I feel bad labeling this a film review, because it was so much more than a superhero flick or a dark thriller. This movie broke down ideas, types of ideas I never expected from a movie like this. It deftly dissected our societies common ideas about morality, asking how our world affects those with mental illness. It even broke down the idea of new age leftism and this new wave of political followers that are following whatever new fad the masses believe is right. 

Throughout this whole movie I kept asking myself one critical question. Did the Joker fail society or did society fail the Joker ? On one hand the Joker did unspeakable things, but was it because of him or because of society's push for him to be a certain way? The movie tackles a lot of topics that are controversial, yet they are topics that need to be brought into the light. I thought all the actors did a great job and they all played their roles to perfection, especially Joaquin Phoenix, his performance was that of a master. The way he portrayed the Joker, someone with very sad mental illness was utterly stunning to the point where I genuinely found myself forgetting that I was watching a work of fiction. If that doesn't make it clear how groundbreaking JOKER is, I don't know what will.

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