As Impeachment Unfolds, President Trump Announces "Phase One" Trade Deals with China
daniel r
Sat Oct 12 2019

(Above is a photo of President Trump And President Xi at the G20 Summit)

Xi Jinping, President of China, and Donald Trump, President of the United States have reached a "Substantial phase one deal" according to President of the U.S. himself. The new agreement would call for China to purchase more agricultural goods from the U.S, and In exchange, the United States will delay a tariff increase due next week.

This new agreement is the largest and most important agreement that has, or will be signed, throughout the trade war with China. The new deal will solve short term issues in the trade war, though the biggest issues have yet to be resolved. The President said he may talk about new trade deals with China during a summit in Chile, during the month of November, hopefully solving more of these bigger conflicts with China.

President Xi even wrote Trump a letter saying that he hopes that the U.S. and China can work together to solve this ongoing issue with trade, which has lowered the economy of both the United States and the People's Republic of China Which has lowered the economy of both the United States and the People's Republic of China. But, The Trump Administration has indicated that the current ongoing conflicts related to Huawei are not to be resolved in this new deal, and will be resolved in a different manner.

Lawmakers say they have seen Trump use his Executive authority of trade negotiation, abusively, and are discussing ways to subtract from this authority, saying that Trump is imposing many one sided, and frankly unilateral tariffs, as well as being secretive about trade deals.

President pro-tempore of the Senate stated After so much has been sacrificed, Americans will settle for nothing less than a full, enforceable and fair deal with China"

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