Hong Kong riots escalate; Facial recognition towers being cut down and destroyed
Hong Kong Riots have escalated, more violence and anonimity emerges as facial recognition towers are being destroyed.
Dozy Deere
Wed Aug 28 2019

Recently, The Hong Kong riots are starting to escalate and lean more towards a revolution, rather than a demonstration. With Facial Recognition Towers being destroyed, the protestors are starting to gain an edge against police, as protestors are usually anonymous, and are getting even more anonymous.

That being said, protestors are arming themselves with better lasers, masks, goggles, and helmets to defend themselves from oncoming teargas, blunt weapons from police, or other blunt weapons from anti-democracy protestors that have been hired by the government to attack protestors and non-protesting civilians as surprise attacks, with corrupt cops doing absolutely nothing about those attacks.

The protestors seem to be targeting 4 main places: Police Stations, Main Roads, Airports, and government buildings. First, they try to block entrance to those sites, stand their ground as long as they can until the police show up to force them to disperse. Sometimes though, the protestors don't disperse and the police are forced to use tear gas and charge to protestors.

In some cases, police are forced to draw their gun to protestors, as most police are cornered. This is of the protester's own accord, but fortunately, no lives have been taken. There was this picture of a policeman aiming a revolver at an unarmed protester, without him being cornered or shown any signs of him getting attacked. This is most likely because the protestor in question was arguing with the police, and that the policeman had enough of him, so he drew his gun.

I spoke with my friend from Hong Kong whom, asked to stay anonymous, is currently risking his life to capture footage as Press. He had this to say:

"They (protestors) are getting stronger, I think. I've seen at least five people with paintball and airsoft guns."

When asked if he had seen any facial recognition towers, he said that he had, but could not capture footage.

The question remains- will we see another repeat of the Tiananmen Square Massacre? Or will we see an actual revolution against the Chinese government that forces them to not give in?

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