Justin Trudeau: A National Embarrassment
Alexander Bastai
Wed Aug 21 2019

Every nation leader should be a figurehead and a role-model that the rest of the nation can follow. Justin Trudeau is neither of those. He was elected in 2015 on quite favorable grounds, but since then his popularity has declined, and it seems he fails to fill the shoes of his father who was also a Prime Minister. The reason for Trudeau's fall from esteem? Corruption and utter incompetence. If you aren't aware, in the recent year Trudeau was involved in a rather large public relations nightmare when it came out that he had been influencing the Attorney General. It is strictly prohibited to have the Office of the Prime Minister influence the Attorney General. The influence was in order to coerce the Attorney General to have a favorable outcome on a case featuring company SNC LAVALIN, whom the PM has ties with. 

This blatant act of corruption prompted and mass outrage within the country, even with conservative leader Andrew Scheer demanding he step down from office. Our not so honorable Prime Minister elected to not stand down, but instead simply decline all accusations and act like nothing had happened. This corruption and the scandal that followed has all but ended Justin's career. Good Riddance.

But, that was just the latest bit of incompetence and from Trudeau. The PM constantly is embarrassing the country as a whole, as he has on many occasions. To give one of many examples, on his Trip to India, he not only invited a wanted terrorist with him as part of his entourage, (An article on that incident is in the works) he dressed up in traditional Indian garb and attempted to dance in the native Indian style. While this might not seem all that bad, the particular dances he did and the garb he wore both were incredibly stereotypical nearly to the point of flat out racism. Trudeau truly is a stain on the history of Canada. He was born to a well established and popular family with a history of being in office, and he tossed it all away to help his corporate friends and play dress up. Not to make fun at the profession but, what else could we expect from a former Drama Teacher?

Here is a clip of Trudeau addressing the India affair:

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